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Business Crime

We are pleased to announce that Alpha Solicitors & Advocates is accredited by the Legal Aid Agency to act in "Very High Cost Serious Fraud Cases".  There are a very small number of firms in the UK selected to be a member of the Specialist Fraud Panel and Alpha Solicitors & Advocates is one of them.  Alpha Solicitors & Advocates were selected due to our extensive experience and our track record to undertake the defence of very complex cases taking into account the amount of documentation, the estimated length of trial and amout of costs to be incurred.  Generally, only members of the Specialist Fraud Panel can undertake such complex high cost fraud cases. 

Our Specialist Areas of Business Crime include:

  • VAT fraud
  • HM Revenue & Customs fraud investigations
  • Duty evasion
  • Serious types of trading standards investigations
  • Money Laundering
  • Company Fraud


"Having worked with Exdol Mitchell on two exceptionally complex fraud trials, I can vouch for his high level of skill, knowledge and client care".
Daniel Janner QC.



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