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Criminal Solicitors

Alpha Solicitors & Advocates incorporates Tyndallwoods Crime Department.  Tyndallwoods Solicitors traces its roots in the Midlands back to 1792.  Alpha Solicitors & Advocates is a well established niche Crime Practice with a strong reputation in the Criminal legal market.  We adopt the same professionalism as Tyndallwoods Solicitors whilst constantly adapting to the changing environment of the modern world.   

The Firm is established on the foundation of a simple business principle - the provision of a high quality service.  The prompt delivery of advice and information to clients is a key ingredient in that service.  This is supported by highly sophisticated computer systems. 

Many substantial commercial firms stop doing legal work for individuals and decline legal aid work because it is not considered sufficiently profitable.  We have a continuing commitment to undertake Criminal Legal Aid work and to offer a legal service to the whole community.  Where means permit and public funding is available, we use it to help our clients. 

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3rd Floor Coleridge Chambers
177 Corporation Street
B4 6RG

Telephone: 0121 289 3480
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