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Compliance and Regulatory Matters for Small and Medium Practices

"When is a Motoring Offence a Regulatory Risk to a Firm?"

The SRA Principles 2011 make it a mandatory requirement for Solicitors to comply with their legal and regulatory obligations dealing with their regulators in an open, timely and co-operative manner [Principle 7].

A Solicitor who fails to report a conviction for a motoring offence to the SRA irrespective of whether or not it results in a custodial sentence can be found by the SRA to be dishonest [contrary to Principle 2 which require you to act with integrity]. Even if a Solicitor receives a caution, that fact must still be reported as failure to do so can lead to a Solicitor being struck off the Roll.

If you are summonsed in connection with a Motoring Offence, as a Solicitor not only are you at risk of losing your driving licence - which may be necessary in order for you to carry out your professional duties - but more seriously you also risk losing your livelihood by virtue of non-compliance with regulatory reporting obligations.

We can advise you, in strict confidence, with Motoring Offences matters with a view to avoiding the worse.

Our Landlords Recovery Services - for Landlords and Managing Agents

"Deposit Protection and Service of Prescribed Information after the Deregulation Act 2015"

There are important factors to be considered before taking steps to recover possession of your or your Client Landlords' properties. You or Managing Agents on behalf of Landlords risk unknowingly serving and relying on invalid s21 Notices to recover possession of properties and risk potentially substantial damaging financial liabilities. Even where mistakes may have (unbeknown to you) already been made we can advise you on how tactically you may be able to minimise your risks.

Significant changes have been made since the Superstrike and Charalambous cases in particular and since March 2015 by the Deregulation Act which may impact on your active tenancy renewals or automatic tenancy renewals in the past - pre-deposit protection law, since deposit protection laws came into effect in April 2007 and as a result of previous pre-2015 Government guidance about deposit protection.

It is crucial for you to obtain specialist Housing Law advice in order to understand the impact the changes could have on your property portfolio. This is especially important if you are considering taking steps to recover possession of properties through the courts. The potential cost of taking court proceedings in itself could prove to be expensive where tenants take steps to defend them and is another risk factor not to be ignored.

We would like to hear from Private Landlords or their Agents to help you with recovering your premises.

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