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Specialist Defence Criminal Lawyers 

Alpha Solicitors & Advocates incorporates Tyndallwoods Crime Department.  Tyndallwoods Solicitors traces its roots in the Midlands back to 1792.  Alpha Solicitors & Advocates is a well established niche Crime Practice with a strong reputation in the Criminal legal market.  We adopt the same professionalism as Tyndallwoods Solicitors whilst constantly adapting to the changing environment of the modern world.   

The Firm is established on the foundation of a simple business principle - the provision of a high quality service.  The prompt delivery of advice and information to clients is a key ingredient in that service.  This is supported by highly sophisticated computer systems. 

Many substantial commercial firms stop doing legal work for individuals and decline legal aid work because it is not considered sufficiently profitable.  We have a continuing commitment to undertake Criminal Legal Aid work and to offer a legal service to the whole community.  Where means permit and public funding is available, we use it to help our clients. 

What Our Service Covers


Our Crime Team service includes:

  • Advice prior to charge or summons
  • Through to attendance at the Police Station to assist and advise during interview
  • Onto representation by Exdol Mitchell our Solicitor Advocate or independent Barristers at Magistrates and Crown Courts
  • Advice in relation to Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings
  • Prison Law issues such as external Adjudication hearing, Home Detention Curfew ("tagging"), Sentencing Calculation
  • Appeals Against Sentence and Conviction
  • Attendance during interviews in relation to Department of Work and Pension issues and also Public Health issues

Much of that work is supported by Legal Aid.  We also deal with privately paid motoring cases. 

Free Attendance at Police Station Interviews 

Under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act most of those arrested or volunteering to attend at a police station should have a legal representative with them to advise and guide them.  You should always use this right.  It costs you nothing.  All you have to do is contact us in advance if it is a voluntary attendance, or, when arriving at the police station, request the police custody sergeant to contact us.  We aim to arrive within 45 minutes of receiving such a request, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Under pressure, it is easy to say the wrong thing, particularly if you are not aware of your legal rights.  We suggest you should use your right of silence until your legal representative attends upon you at the police station and gives you the appropriate advice.  Give the police your correct name and address and then ask the police Custody Officer to contact us. 

Out of Office Hours 24-hour Emergency Service 

Tel: 0121 551 9736 or 07767 888855 (between 5:00 pm and 9:00 am, Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday, Bank holidays and Public holidays). 

This is designed to deal with attendances at police stations. 

Public Funding and Costs 

For those receiving State Benefits most legal advice which the Team covers is free.  Similarly, public funding is usually available for representation at Court, following the assessment of a Representation Order application by the Court.  We will complete the forms for you.  Where Public Funding is not available, we can provide an estimate of our costs.  We tell you how we calculate our costs.  We can sometimes agree instalment payments with our clients.  Unexpected and unjustified bills are against our clients' interests and against our Firm policy. 


Losing your driving licence is always inconvenient, but if you are in business it can also be very expensive.  Liability to disqualification under the totting-up procedure often need not mean inevitable disqualification - proper presentation of your case is important.  If a guilty plea is appropriate, the right kind of mitigation can significantly reduce (i) the size of the fine, (ii) the number of penalty points imposed and (iii) the risk and or length of disqualification.  We can sometimes deal with Summonses by post and save the cost and inconvenience of attending Court.  For ordinary motoring summonses public funding is not usually granted for representation at Court. 

Exdol and his Team have provided representation in many high profile cases over the years for clients charged with the most serious criminal offences including:

  • Firearms Offences
  • Drug Supply
  • Drug Importation
  • Robbery
  • Theft
  • Handling Stolen Property
  • Deception
  • Murder & Manslaughter
  • Corporate Manslaughter
  • Conspiracy
  • Sex Offences
  • Terrorism Offences
  • Business Crime




Contact Us

2nd Floor Branston Court
Branston Street
Jewellery Quarter
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Telephone: 0121 551 9736 (24 hours) or 07767 888855  
Fax: 0121 523 2391
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