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The Team

Exdol Mitchell 
Exdol is pleased to announce that he has established his new firm, Alpha Solicitors & Advocates, which incorporates Tyndallwoods' Crime Department.  He remains committed to and continues with his Crime Practice on a legal aid or private fee paying basis. 

Career Summary 
Exdol joined Tyndallwoods Solicitors on qualifying as a Solicitor in 1981 and has specialised in Criminal Law ever since.  He was an Equity Partner at Tyndallwoods Solicitors for over twenty eight years from 1984 and had been Team Convener for the Crime Department at Tyndallwoods since 2000.  He has Crime and Prison Law Supervisor Status. 

Exdol acquired Duty Solicitor's Status from inception of the Scheme and obtained Higher Rights accreditation in 2006 enabling him to represent clients in the Crown Court; not just in the Magistrates' Court.  

Geoff Gallagher 
Geoff is an Accredited Police Station Representative acquiring the status in 2001. He is reliable and supportive when representing clients during police station interviews.  He also supports the Team with their Prison Law matters attending on prison visits and adjudications.  He has a special interest in cases involving Mental Health issues.  Geoff worked with Exdol in Tyndallwoods Crime Department since 2000 and continues to work with Exdol at Alpha Solicitors & Advocates as an Agent of the Firm. 

Janet Ebanks 
Janet joins Exdol at Alpha Solicitors & Advocates to assist his clients primarily with their Prison Law Court matters.  She is adept at Civil Litigation having practised as a Civil Litigator since being admitted as a Solicitor in 1992.  Her particular Civil Litigation interests include cases involving public/judicial review law issues.  Janet has worked as a lawyer in the public sector.  She co-worked with Exdol in the past assisting with his high profile, novel "Gang bo" cases whilst working in the former Housing Team at Tyndallwoods Solicitors. 

Janet is also able to advise other clients including homeowners, bankrupts, private landlords, tenants and licensees on a wide range of matters including tenancy/contractual disputes, the recovery of possession of premises, personal injury and other compensation claims arising from property disputes and other general property matters.  She has acted on behalf of private landlords who own a portfolio of several properties advising them on a number of matters including in relation to a long-standing family property dispute involving complex trust matters. 

Janet has practised as an Employment Lawyer in the Public Sector and is Alpha Solicitors & Advocates' Compliance and Business Development Support Solicitor.  She can advise and assist small to medium Legal Practices with their Compliance and Regulatory issues.  


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